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President Museveni and the President of Malawi, Ms Joyce Banda, at State House Nakasero on Thursday. Ms Banda was in the country to attend the Comesa summit. PHOTO BY PPU President Museveni has discouraged a political integration at the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa) level, saying it is “unrealistic”.

According to the President, it does not make sense for the 19 Comesa members to federate politically.
“At the EAC (East African Community) we are doing the economic integration and then move to a political federation. But for Comesa, it should be economic integration because political federation is unrealistic,” he said.

Mr Museveni made the remarks on Friday while addressing the 16th Comesa Heads of States Summit at the Commonwealth Speke Resort- Munyonyo. The Summit was organised under the theme: ‘Enhancing Intra-Comesa trade through Micro-Small and Medium Enterprise Development’.

Uganda joined the Comesa Free Trade Area last week and now expects to, among other things, enjoy access to a market of more than 400 million people without paying import tax. The President argued that balkanisation weakens Africa’s individual state’s attempt to economically prosper, and the only prescription for that is embracing regional blocs which will make both the individual states stronger and the continent a better negotiating power with the rest of the world.

Mr Museveni said he hoped the tripartite arrangement between EAC, Comesa and SADC, would help unite African countries and improve the intra-Africa trade. He noted that most African countries are faced with the challenge of not being able to produce enough to support their people. He said the infrastructure in the Comesa region should be improved. “Our hope is to see a railway link to Southern Sudan, Gisenyi, Ethiopia to Somalia from Kenya and upgrading of the railway gauge,” Mr Museveni said.

The President noted that the Intra-Comesa trade is now worth $18.8 billion. Uganda’s export trade takes close to $1.3 billion (Shs3.4 trillion). This has been on an upward trend for the last five years. Uganda’s trade with Comesa stands at 57 per cent in 2011 up from 49 per cent in 2010.

Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki in his speech, said the role that small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) play in regional economic growth and development is very vital and efforts should be put in place to facilitate and support their growth.

Mr Kibaki added that there is need to focus on infrastructure developments, access to credit and industrialisation if the region is to develop economically. “Infrastructure development is the engine of accelerating development. SMEs need the road and railway networks to move their goods and products. These need to be maintained and improved,” President Kibaki said.

It was also noted that Energy - focusing on solar, wind and geo-thermal as substitutes- needs to be exploited if SMEs are to develop. “It is urgently important that Comesa works with stakeholders in financial sector to come up with products that can be able to support entrepreneurs to access capital and improve productivity,” Mr Kibaki added.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister HaileMariam Desalegn said the theme of the summit seeks to improve the lives of all. He said Comesa should focus on the development of SMEs and youth unemployment.

“Without necessary infrastructure, it might be hard to achieve our desired development,” Mr Desalegn said. He added that Ethiopia had begun working with Sudan, Djibouti and Kenya to improve infrastructure. Ms Dlamini Zuma, the chairperson of the African Union, called upon African countries to guarantee food security which she said could guarantee the sustainability of its citizenry. “If we don’t pay attention to development, the lack of it will continue to be a threat to peace and stability on the continent,” Ms Zuma said.

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Traders advised to shift focus on regional trade


Uganda is now prepared to increase trade with the continent’s regional blocs after it became apparent that it can reap just as much or even more from regional intra-trade than with its traditional trade partners in the EU and the Asian markets.

The Trade minister, Amelia Kyambadde said she is committed to ensuring that Uganda fully takes advantage of regional intra-trade through provision of inducement.

Comesa political federation is unrealistic, says Museveni

President Museveni has discouraged a political integration at the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa) level, saying it is “unrealistic”.

According to the President, it does not make sense for the 19 Comesa members to federate politically.
“At the EAC (East African Community) we are doing the economic integration and then move to a political federation. But for Comesa, it should be economic integration because political federation is unrealistic,” he said.

Museveni asks Comesa to focus on intra-trade

President Museveni has advised the Comesa member states to shift to intra-regional and local trade. Speaking at the closure of the Comesa meeting in Kampala on Friday, President Museveni said: “The problem is not the market, but the entrepreneurs to take up the opportunities available.”

According to President Musveni, Uganda’s growth was halted by conflicts that peaked during the 1970s with the expulsion of Indians who were the drivers of the economy.

COMESA pushes for joint infrastructure projects

By Raymond Baguma & Samuel Sanya

Member states of the Common Market of East and Southern Africa (COMESA) have resolved to fast-track the implementation of joint infrastructure projects in railways, energy, roads and ICT to boost regional development.

COMESA gets new Assistant Secretary General (Programmes)

COMESA now has a new Assistant Secretary General (Programmes). Ambassador Dr. Kipyego Cheluget has been sworn in. Dr. Cheluget before his appointment was Kenya's Ambassador to Zambia and Malawi.

COMESA summit opens in Kampala

By Raymond Baguma

The African heads of state meeting in Kampala is today expected to adopt a report on regional trade, arising out of a meeting of the Council of Ministers.

The Summit Opens

Presidents Mwai Kibaki ( Kenya), Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe), Joyce Banda(Malawi) are in the Summit at Munyonyo.

Uganda will be the chair,DR Congo - vice chair and Malawi - Rapporteur.

Optimism as Uganda joins Comesa’s free trade zone


The eighth Comesa Business Forum closed yesterday November 21st 2012, leaving behind both the good and bad news. The good news is that Uganda is now a member of the Comesa Free Trade Area (FTA) and the bad news is that — depending on how Uganda plays the ball - it could end up as a dumping ground for regional products.

Peace and security paramount to achieve Comesa objectives: Amama Mbabazi

Peace and security amongst Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) member states and with our neighbours is paramount to achieving all other objectives.

This was Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s message at the opening of the 31st COMESA Council of Ministers meeting going on in Kampala.

Comesa Business gurus meet Tuesday to discuss role of SMEs

Comesa businessmen are converging today Tuesday 20th November 2012 in Kampala to discuss how to promote small and medium enterprises development in the region. The 8th business forum under the theme: ‘Enhancing Intra-COMESA Trade through Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development; Seizing opportunities for Innovation and Prosperity in Business’ will take place at the Commonwealth Speke Resort Munyonyo.

COMESA deal to boost exports

By David Mugabe

The private sector has lauded the Government for ratifying the COMESA free trade area, saying it will open huge markets for the country.

The Private Sector Foundation boss Gideon Badagawa described the decision as a good development for trade and investments.

“Now that the Government has pronounced itself, we will go full scale to sensitise our members,” said Badagawa over the weekend. Cabinet last week approved a recommendation by the minister of trade for Uganda to join the COMESA free trade area (FTA).

Six presidents for Kampala COMESA mee

By David Mugabe

Six presidents have confirmed participation in next week's COMESA heads of state summit to be held on November 23, 2012 in Kampala.

Thirty First Intergovernmental Committee

Thirty First Intergovernmental Committee will be starting today 15th November 2012 at 9:00 AM (GMT+3)

Uganda to sign Comesa free trade area treaty

Uganda will ratify the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (Comesa) free trade area, according to Mr Mr Gerald Sendaula, the chairman of Private Sector Foundation Uganda.

Uganda assumes COMESA leadership

By David Mugabe

Later this week, Uganda will assume the chair of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), a development that trade experts believe will bring huge benefits to the country.

COMESA 2012 Summit Kicks Off!

The COMESA 2012 Summit has kicked off with the 14th COMESA Meeting of the Administrative and Budgetary Committee  at Munyonyo Resort today 13th November 2012. The meeting is to be attended by delegates from Burundi, DRC, Egypt, Eretria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Rwanda, Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Media Breakfast on 8th November - Imperial Royale

There will be a media briefing Breakfast on the progress and preparations of the COMESA 2012 Summit at Imperial Royale Hotel on 8th November 2012. Be there.

16th Summit launched in Uganda

The Minister of Trade, Industry and Co-operatives in the Government of Uganda, Hon. Amelia Kyambadde, on Wednesday, 26 September 2012 held a press briefing in order to launch the country’s hosting of this year’s Summit to the media. At the briefing hon. Kyambadde said that Uganda is a founder member of the PTA in 1982, and that the Treaty transforming the PTA to COMESA was signed in Kampala on 05 November 1993.

“Uganda agreed to host the Summit this year, and it shall take place at the Speke Resort, Munyonyo on 23-24 November 2012 alongside various Policy Organs’ meetings that commence on 13 November 2012.”


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